Baby & Child

Our Baby & Child range consists of Dribble Bibbs, Feeding Bibs & Baby Blankets by Happy Jackson. We also have wooden Name Trains, engines, letters, carriages & track (from sustainable forests. Brilliant Pencil Cases, also by Happy Jackson! Finally a range of super soft baby toys & comforters by Jomanda, all suitable from birth.

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Name Train Letters

Each wooden letter has a hook and ring to connect to the next letter, engine, or carriage.

Dimensions: L 6cm x D 3.5cm D 6cm
Place a single letter into shopping cart, then edit the total number of letters you require in Shopping Cart before check out. Also enter the name you require in the "Customer Comments" box on Shopping Cart page.

Name Train Track (one length)

Each length of track is curved and has grooves to set the wheels in. Double sided so curve can go either direction.

1 length of track will hold 2 items ie engine, letter

2 lengths will hold 5 itemss eg engine and 4 letters

3 lengths will hold 7 items eg engine and 6 letters


Baby Hedgehog

Jomanda products are made with extra love, care and attention. All are suitable from birth. This Baby Hedgehog is just so adorable, he loves to be hugged and cuddled.
Height: 10cm
Suitable from birth.

Happy Jackson Dribble Bib Set of Two

A pair of cute dribble bibs. Red design reads "Only here to be awesome", turquoise design reads "Born to be a star!". 100% cotton. Suitable for newborns and older.

Happy Jackson Feeding Bibs Set of Two

A pack of two easy-to-clean bibs with two designs. Black and white striped bib reads "Nom nom nom!", turquoise bib reads "It take a lotta skill to get this messy!". Suitable for ages 3 months and up.

Mini Cheeky Pony

Jomanda products are made with extra love, care and attention. All are suitable from birth. This cheeky little Pony is super soft to touch and hug
Height: 9cm
Suitable from birth.
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